Orthodontic Office/Clinic

After careful research, our design team decided that our orthodontic patients prefer coming to a warm, welcoming atmosphere instead of a bright white environment similar to a hospital. Our design team set off to create a beautiful and welcoming orthodontic office while still focusing on sterilization requirements, patient flow and office ergonomics. The result is spectacular!

Finger scan check in

Dolphin Management software allows us to run Smile Elements smoothly and efficiently. This system uses computer technology to coordinate our clinic schedule, maintain your personal information, communicate with your family dentist, organize your financial and insurance information, and facilitate your biometric finger print check in at each appointment. When our patients arrive, all they have to do is check in at the check in computer using the finger scanner. Using the scan of your finger our system will recognize you and will automatically notify your clinical coordinator that you have arrived.

dolphin finger scan


Patient Education software

Dolphin Aquarium Educational software is an innovation that uses stunning 3-D graphics to demonstrate the common and complex topics that are involved in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. This software allows us to show you as well as explain all aspects of your treatment; appliance design, oral hygiene and retainer wear.


Office Entertainment

In our office every dental chair has its own 37 inch plasma TV. Instead of using headphones, we decided to utilize audio technology, using spot light speakers that concentrate the TV sound on the patients head. The patient sitting in the chair feels as though they are wearing headphones. This technology eliminates the need for headphones which can be a source of contamination in dental offices.


Wi-Fi Internet access

While in our waiting area, you can enjoy our wireless internet access and catch up on your e-mails or just surf the net to pass the time!


Mission Statement

At Smile Elements Orthodontics we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for those who choose to come to our office for their dental health care. This includes orthodontic excellence and expediency in which our service is provided. Equally as important, we are committed to the creation of an environment that is open, friendly, and a fun place to be.

When people leave our office, we want them to feel better about themselves. We dedicate our time, talents, and energy to this objective.

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