What To Expect?

Active orthodontic treatment proceeds in stages and requires consistent monitoring by Dr Badawi. Appointments vary in length depending upon the stage of your treatment and the amount of adjustments your appliance requires. It is inevitable that some of your office visits will conflict with either school or work; therefore your cooperation and flexibility will be appreciated. Orthodontic appointments generally consist of the following:

  • An overall assessment of your oral health and the condition of your braces.
  • Performing necessary adjustments or wire changes (15 - 45 minutes).
  • Addressing questions of concerns and discuss treatment progress.
  • Planning and scheduling your next visit.

Do Braces Hurt?

Orthodontic treatment uses appliances (braces) to straighten teeth with gentle pressure. When braces are placed, or when adjustments to your braces are made, your teeth and gums may feel tender initially. The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient, but usually does not last for more than three days. Because your braces project slightly from your teeth, your lips and cheeks will rub on them and may become sore. Our staff will provide you with soft wax that can alleviate the scratching and allow these sore spots to heal. This scratching sensation will subside after you have adjusted to your braces (within 3 - 4 days), and it is unlikely that these sores will return throughout the remainder of your orthodontic treatment.

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