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What Are The Pros and Cons of Orthodontic Braces?

Posted by Dr. Hisham Badawi | July 24 2019

     Much like everything else in life, even orthodontic treatment has pros and cons. There are many aspects of braces that you’ll love, and other aspects that, though necessary, you may not be too sad to say goodbye to by the end of your treatment. It’s important to understand both sides of what to expect, which leads us to our guide below!


Having Braces: The Pros

  • Beautiful, Straight Teeth


     Straight teeth are, of course, one of the main reasons patients get braces. There’s nothing like having a beautiful, healthy smile that you can show off and feel good about, and having braces is one of the best ways to achieve this. 

     Straight teeth are aesthetically pleasing, while having added health benefits that really make them tempting. A straight smile is a healthy one, with minimized chances of developing tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, and more. Crooked teeth tend to attract and trap food, assorted particles, and bacteria, due to hidden cracks and crevices that make for difficult brushing and flossing. A straight smile offers easy to reach places that your toothbrush will be successful in finding, and your floss will be able to target. What’s more attractive than a straight and healthy smile? 


  • Save Money and Time Later in Life

     Sometimes, people let orthodontic issues and dental irregularities persist until it’s too late, and something needs to be done. In some aspects, crooked teeth are a ticking time bomb that needs to be diffused.

     Like we mentioned above, crooked or crowded teeth have the ability to make the quality of your oral health poor. If the problem is never addressed, the risk of tooth decay and other oral disease can heighten, and may even become a reality. Depending on the severity, this can be costly to fix, and may even be more costly than preventative orthodontic treatment would have been.

     Getting braces earlier in life instead of later also saves your time. Rather than spending time going back and forth to and from the orthodontist with several orthodontic issues to tend to, your time will be freed up and all yours to use. 

      By making the choice to straighten your teeth and improve your oral health before it can become an issue, you may be saving your pocket money, and protecting your teeth and gums from any potential damage! 


  • Improve Your Self Confidence and Self-Esteem

self conf

     Though it may seem like a small detail, many people will notice and appreciate a straight smile. Alternatively, many people easily become self-conscious of crooked or misaligned smiles, as they tend to be perceived poorly by their peers. Some people even feel so self-conscious about their smile that they avoid smiling and laughing at social events, or posing for photos. 

      While the appearance of braces may not give you a confidence boost initially, once they’re removed, you’ll be ecstatic to show off your new smile. Braces allow you to be fearless, to pose for those group shots, and to never feel the need to put your hand over your mouth or duck away from the camera again. You’ll nail important events such as job interviews, first dates, and important meetings with ease. There’s no better look than a straight smile!


Having Braces: The Cons

  • Braces Can Be Very Noticeable

      Especially if you’re an adult or older teenager, being in braces can be difficult in a social sense. Though it is unnecessary and undeserved, there is somewhat of a stigma around wearing braces later in life, and this is to be expected when you’re going through treatment. It’s important not to get discouraged by it, and to remember that by the end of it, you’ll have an amazing smile to show off! 

      Depending on the severity and complexity of your specific case, clear braces are also an option. Typically made of plastic or ceramic, clear braces have all the benefits of traditional metal braces, while being a little less noticeable to everyone else. Clear braces are generally non-staining, more discreet, and let you feel a little more confident throughout the duration of treatment. Make sure to discuss all treatment options available to you with your orthodontist before making a final decision.


  • They Can Be Difficult to Clean

     Due to all the new hardware in your mouth, it may become a little more difficult to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue as clean as you once had. While braces don’t diminish the quality of your oral health in any way, they do offer the unique challenge of new ways to properly maintain your dental health.

     It’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth in between meals, and before you go to sleep. Braces trap food far easier than your teeth do, so it’s important to make sure that there aren’t any extra food particles lying around that could introduce tooth decay causing bacteria into your mouth. 

     In addition to keeping your teeth and gums clean, it’s equally as important to do a good job of cleaning the brackets and wires of your braces so they remain in good shape. You may use smaller, more targeted tools for this process in order to ensure the best results, and your orthodontist will help and aid you with cleaning tips and tricks you can put to everyday use. 

     You can have a more detailed conversation with your orthodontist about what the exact pros and cons are as it pertains to your official diagnosis, your exact treatment plan, and your estimated timeline.


Topics: Orthodontics

Written by Dr. Hisham Badawi

An accomplished clinician, researcher, speaker and subject matter expert, with broad, in-depth and hands-on experience in many verticals within the healthcare space including technology applications in clinical practice, clinical research, biomechanics, bioinformatics, intellectual property, software development, clinical data sciences, and healthcare data privacy regulations.

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