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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions That People Usually Ask

What is Orthodontics?


Orthodontics is a specialty area of dentistry focused on treating improper positioning of the teeth and bite. At your initial visit, we will diagnose your teeth, bite, jaw structure, and growth pattern. Our treatment plans are customized to each patient’s needs and diagnosis while considering other factors such as airway, jaw joints, muscle function, and myofunctional habits.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Orthodontics can help correct many bite abnormalities and prevent the undesirable occurrences of tooth wear, jaw trauma, and possibly the loss of teeth due to a traumatic bite and facial profile deficiencies. Without orthodontics, these problems can become worse over time and in some circumstances lead to the loss of teeth and jaw joint (TMJ) problems.

When is the Best Time to Schedule a Consult Appointment?

The Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists recommend that all children see an orthodontist by the age of 7. At this time, children generally have enough adult teeth grown in and enough jaw growth to identify any problems. An early screening appointment can help the orthodontist determine when treatment should start.

What are the Benefits of Early Treatment?

Early treatment can correct bite problems that might otherwise require surgery at a later time. As your child grows, bones in the jaw become dense and sutures begin to fuse which makes it much more difficult to correct major jaw problems at a later stage. Early treatment can also shorten the length of time that your child will be in braces in the future.

Will My Child Require Additional Treatment After Having an Early Treatment?

More than likely, yes, your child will require additional treatment. Phase I treatment typically corrects jaw problems and guides any adult teeth that your child has into the correct spot while allowing room for the permanent teeth to erupt. An additional phase, Phase II, finishes the job of correcting the bite once all of the adult teeth have erupted. Phase II treatment consists of braces or Invisalign on all the teeth.

What Happens Between Phase I and Phase II Treatment?

This growth and observation period will involve a combination of retaining the correction that has been made in Phase I while guiding the growth of the permanent teeth into a more favourable position. Because treatment timing is critical, your child’s growth and development is monitored very carefully during this period.

What Causes Crowding?

Your mouth and its features are genetically predisposed to what your parents have. Some factors do however play a role. Habits such as finger sucking, pacifier sucking, tooth decay, premature loss of baby teeth, trauma and gum disease can all play a part. Any sucking habits should be stopped by the age of 6.

Why Should I Have my Teeth Straightened?

Having your teeth straightened has many benefits. Aside from a beautiful smile, having straight teeth can make it easier for you to clean your teeth by eliminating food traps caused by crowding. This can greatly reduce and help eliminate gum disease. Having straight teeth also eliminates uneven wearing of your teeth, allowing you to keep them for a lifetime.

Do Braces or Clear Aligners (Invisalign®) Hurt?

Orthodontic treatment uses appliances (braces, clear aligners) to straighten teeth with gentle pressure. When braces are placed, or when adjustments to your braces are made, your teeth and gums may feel tender. The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient, but usually does not last for more than three days. Because your braces project slightly from your teeth, your lips and cheeks will rub on them and may become sore. Our staff will provide you with soft wax that can alleviate the scratching and allow these sore spots to heal.

Who Should Come to the Initial Consult?

Along with the patient, any and all parents/guardians to are going to be involved in the decision making process should come to the consult.

How Long Does Treatment Typically Take?

Treatment takes approximately 2 years depending on the severity of your case. This is also affected by patient compliance and oral hygiene.

Can My Teeth Shift After Orthodontic Treatment?

Yes. If retainers are lost, broken, or simply not worn after braces are removed, teeth can shift. Retainers keep your teeth in position while the fibers that hold your teeth to the bone and tissue create new memory. If something does happen to your retainers, please contact us as soon as possible.

Do I Need a Referral From My Dentist?

No referral is necessary. Many patients come in from word of mouth from friends and family.

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What Our Patients Say

My 13 year old son has been going here for the past 18 months and just got his braces off and it even came with a goodie bag of treats! So cool😃! The staff are professional and the service was fantastic. I would highly recommend.

Alison Tarrant, ★★★★★ Google Review

Thank you, I went around the city trying to find a clinic to take my case, It was a complicated case. I'm so grateful for Dr B. He went above and beyond and was extremely positive and encouraging. I strongly recommend Smile Elements to anyone thinking of improving their smile! Thank you again for getting me started on my journey, I'm extremely happy with my smile!

Nadir Ladha, ★★★★★ Google Review

Dr. Badawi and everyone here are very professional and courteous with there job. They all take it very seriously, which is a great comfort for a procedure this time consuming and important, and the ladies at the front desk always greet you with a welcoming smile. Would recommend Smile Elements to anybody you would like to get any work done on their smile.

Todd Wren, ★★★★★ Google Review

I am extremely happy with my experience at Smile Elements! Me and my brother got our braces here and we are both really happy with the results. The staff is awesome and professional. Dr.Badawi is a fantastic Orthodontist. I highly recommend this place if you're looking to get braces.

Angelica Lepkowski, ★★★★★ Google Review



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