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About Us

Who Are We?

Smile Elements is a data-driven specialty orthodontic clinic founded by Dr. Badawi, an accomplished clinician/scientist, researcher, inventor, speaker and subject matter expert. In his clinical practice, Dr. Badawi relies on precision clinical data to efficiently perform his clinical procedures. Equipped with deep knowledge in 3D orthodontic fixed appliance biomechanics, Dr. Badawi customizes his mechanics, providing his patients with the personalized, efficient, data-driven, orthodontic force delivery systems, this translates into better faster and less invasive Orthodontic treatments.


We Design Smiles

Smiles are powerful and we believe that a beautiful smile has the ability to transform your life


We Love What We Do

Our team is passionate about what we do! Everyday we get to see the confidence that comes with a great smile.


We're Innovative

Our team teaches orthodontists around the world! Known for efficient treatment and aesthetic outcomes, we teach others how to do the same!


Technology is Our Thing

Our doctors are at the forefront of the latest improvements in orthodontics. In fact, our doctor developed a revolutionary medical software program to improve the management of your treatment.

How we do it?

Dr. Badawi believes in timely, efficient orthodontic interventions only when indicated, using minimally invasive methods to avoid extractions of otherwise healthy teeth and surgical interventions. Like anything concerning your health, your diagnosis and treatment plan are the most important.

We do not believe:

     In the cookie-cutter approach to orthodontic

We specialize in data-driven optimized orthodontic mechanics, we provide our patients with personalized orthodontic-solutions customized for the patient’s specific needs.

    In the “cookie-cutter” approach to treatment decisions,

Every patient is treated with special attention to their individual needs to ultimately provide the least invasive orthodontic treatment plan, in as short duration as possible.

Dr. Badawi has years of experience in diagnosing and treating the most complicated cases with incredible results. The practice of orthodontics is a fine art in addition to a science and you’ll find that our specialist is extremely passionate about designing your best possible smile!

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